Hi!  My name is Arizona Diamondback, because I have a white patch of fur on my back that looks like a diamond!  My parents had been thinking about adding a kitten to their crew, and both had never had a kitten before.  A nice lady that my Meowmie works with had a mother cat wander up to her daughters house at college, and she had a few kittens (I was one of them!).  The nice lady tried to find homes for all of my littermates, and asked my Meowmie if she wanted a kitten, too!  Meowmie said that if I was black and white, then she would take me.  I don't know why she even cared, but she wanted to keep the color theme going so I would match my brothers and sister.  Well, it turns out I was the perfect color, and the cutest kitten ever!! Meowmie brought me home and Dad just loved me!  My canine siblings had never been around a kitten before, so my parents were anxious to see how they would act around me.  They kept me safe while the doggies checked me out, and after a few hours, we were all playing together!  Now we are best buds!  My brother Ecko used to pick me up and carry me out the doggy door alot.  Now I'm bigger, and he can't pick me up like he used too!  Anyway, I am having a blast with my family.  I am treated like a king, and my Dad even built me and Alaska our very own kitty gym!  Stay tuned for more pictures of me!