Hi! My name is Alaska.  My Meowmie didn't plan on getting another cat, but she couldn't help it when she saw me!!  Her friend called her from work and told her that I was wandering the streets.  My Meowmie rushed to come and see me.  I was walking around, covered in fleas, close to the main road, and meowing my head off very loud.  Meowmie talked Dad in to letting her bring me home, so she loaded me up in the truck.  We headed straight to the vet, and I got treated for fleas, and tested for Feline Leukemia.  I was negative, so that meant I got to hang out with my new brother Arizona that was waiting at home!  I also had 3 spotted beast at home ready to play with me as soon as I got there! They were very interested in my arrival.  Meowmie's friend Liz thought that Alaska would be a good name for me, since I was snow white, and my brother's name was Arizona!  A few days later, my parents noticed that I didn't respond much to sounds.  They performed a few tests of their own, and realized that I was deaf.  They loved me even though most people would have put me out.  My parents won't let me go outside, because it's very dangerous since I can't hear.  When my Meowmie looks back to when she first got me, she is amazed that I made it as long as I did on the streets not being able to hear. I now have a warm, loving home, with plenty of siblings to keep me company!