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Past Success Stories

Mickey's Rescue
By: Betsy


On a Sunday afternoon in February, one of our ARF members and our neighbor Rev. David Pierce told Tom about a little dog in distress, that had been living in the woods for about 2 weeks down at the end of our street.

Tom dropped his rake and ran to get me. We grabbed food, water and a lead and drove to the woods about two blocks away.

Sure enough, there she was just on the edge of the woods, looking so precious and so scared. But she wouldn't let us get near. A week went by of feeding her two and three times a day, and talking to her in my tiniest baby voice. Still I couldn't gain her trust.

Mickey, our Pom/mix (himself a rescue) wanted to ride with me that last day. Our friend, Carol Hazard, had told me once that it might be a good idea to take a dog along. So I let him ride, and being an optimist I brought his leash and one for the little dog too.

After putting down her food, I brought out my secret weapon..."Mickey". He jumped from the car and it was love at first site! She ran over to him, romping and flirting and he did his part by being cute and irresistible!

Thirty minutes must have gone by, before she finally came over and carefully took the food out of my hand, giving me an approving, but shy look.

While Mickey and I watched her eat she allowed me to stroke her silky head. When she finished eating I reached down and picked her up in my arms. She completely relaxed, gave a sigh of relief and put her head against my shoulder. Her new name is "Sienna" and she has quickly become one of our most cherished family members.

I'll always wonder what the outcome would have been if Mickey hadn't insisted on going with me that day. He's even more special than ever. He's "Mickey The Rescue Dog" and he gets all the credit.


By: Macy


Left to die in a city park in Louisiana during a freezing December, Chris was covered with mange & was too weak to stand.

He was rescued by ARF member Macy McKay. Macy refused to allow the local sheriff to take him to the pound and put him to sleep. Macy brought him home to Mobile and personally funded his medical treatment. Therefore by mid-March, Chris was standing, running and eating like a St. Bernard. (Actually he's a Peagle (Beagle/Poodle mix). Love, food and shelter have worked wonders! Chris is still not adopted but he is now a chubby, loveable dog just waiting for a good home.


Samantha's Story
By: Carrie


Carrie received a call that a dog was in urgent need of medical attention.

The caller said the dog had been hit by a car several days earlier and the so called owners had taken it on themselves to amputate the dog's broken leg. These people tied his mouth shut and cut off the leg. This poor baby had to endure this with no anesthesia.

Carrie rescued the dog and discovered it had bitten through it's tongue while the owners were amputating and could not eat or drink for days. The rest of the leg had become so infected that the dog was near death.

Carrie talked these insensitive people into giving her the dog. She contacted Lauren Smitherman, another volunteer, who met Carrie and took the dog to the vet. That vet had to amputate higher up and sew up the mangled tongue. On top of this, the precious dog was so neglected that she had heartworms, and other internal and external parisites.

After much love and medical care, Samantha has been adopted into a very loving home. She is adored for the sweet companion she is and now she is able to live the happy and secure life she deserves.


Hannah's & Pups
By: Charlotte


Hannah was laying on a cold concrete floor at the Prichard pound trying to keep her 10 one week old puppies warm.

Amber from TopSpot Dalmatian rescue wanted to get her out of the pound but they would not release them because the pound is supposed to hold an animal for 10 days to see if an owner would claim them. Amber knew the puppies and probably Hannah would be dead by that time. Hannah was so thin and the puppies so small and weak. Amber appealed to the SPCA to intercede. The pound agreed to release the dog and pups to the SPCA with the stipulation that if the owner showed up they would return her. The SPCA allowed ARF to foster the mom and pups. Well the owner never showed up and the pups are now of adoptable age. All are healthy including Hannah thanks to TopSpot rescue, SPCA and ARF working together to save 11 dogs. Good job everyone.

Was it worth it? You bet. Hannah got adopted to a wonderful home and you can go to to see pictures of her pups. (8 boys and 2 girls.)