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Adoption Application

Dear Potential New Pet Owner:

Thank you for your interest in adopting a new family member!  

Requirements for adoption are:  Adoption Application, Vet Reference, 
Home Visit, and $75 Adoption Donation.

Please send your completed application to Animal Rescue Foundation by
Copy and pasting the application into a new email and Email to: 
Animal Rescue Foundation Adoption Application
Which pet are you interested in adopting?
Is this pet a dog or cat?

Personal Information

Drivers License #:
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Other Phone:
Email Address:
Family Information

How many people in your family?
How many children?
Ages of Children:
Does everyone in your family know you are getting a new pet?

Home/Yard Information

Do you rent or own your home?
Do you have a fenced yard?

Pet Information

Please give a brief explanation why you want to adopt this pet:
Will this pet be kept inside, outside, or both?

Current Pet Information

Do you have other pets?
If yes, please give the following information on all current pets:  
Name, Species, Breed, Age, Spayed/Neutered
Do they get along with dogs?
Do they get along with cats?
Have you had any other pets in the past three years?
If yes, where are those pets now?

Vet Reference

Who is your veterinarian? 
Phone Number:
Note: ARF conducts reference checks with all Veterinarians
Home Visit

ARF performs Home Visits for each potential home prior to the adoption.  
When would be the best time to visit your home?